Stef’s Bracket

1 point for each right pick, 5 points for the right winner!

Week 2: LB, Olivia, Mandi, Leah, Lauren H, Lauren B, Lace, Jubilee, JoJo, Jami, Jackie, Haley, Emily, Caila, Becca, Amber, Amanda (14)

Week 3: LB, Olivia, Leah, Lauren H, Lauren B, JoJo, Jubilee, Lace, Jami, Haley, Emily, Caila, Becca, Amanda (25)

Week 4: Leah, Olivia, Lauren H, Lauren B, JoJo, Jubilee, Haley, Emily, Caila, Amanda, Becca (35)

Week 5: Leah, Amanda, Olivia, JoJo, Emily, Lauren B, Caila, Becca

TOP FOUR (Week 6): Leah, JoJo, Caila, Becca

TOP THREE (Week 7): Leah, Caila, Becca

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (Week 8): Caila, Becca


[Real talk: I actually don’t really think Becca will win. I think the other girls are pretty meh. Here we go.]