Episode 3: Hot Tubs, Soccer Stars, and DRAMA

Check out our latest installment of The Bachelor, in which Lauren B. gets her shot at love with Ben, we see Emily’s surprising goalie skills on the soccer field, and the ladies find their enemies: Jubilee’s sarcasm and Olivia’s cankles.

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Episode 2: Glory Days, Ice Cube, and the Love Lab

Tune it to this week’s episode of the Rose Before Bros podcast to hear our breakdown of episode 2, in which we see Ben continue to relive his high school glory days, sit in a hot tub with Kevin Hart, and smell a bunch of women. Yes, all of that really happened.

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to the most dramatic podcast EVER.

Okay, okay, just kidding.

This is the first episode of the best new Bachelor podcast, Rose Before Bros! After some introductions, Kellen and I break down the new Bachelor, his new lady friends, and our thoughts on what’s in store for this season. Plus, we explain from where our namesake, Rose Before Bros, originated, and ask for your questions!

Stay tuned for episode 2 in which we will probably see more Lace drama, possibly some making out, and dear God, we hope another mini horse.